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Goldstück is convinced that people want to learn and develop.

We train caregivers and family carers according to nationally recognised training courses with creativity and joy and grind our gold pieces so that they can unfold their value in the care of older people.

You need an access code for our e-learning, which you can request from Goldstück AG by e-mail at Once you have successfully completed your further training, you can download the proof of success and submit it to Goldstück AG at

Log in here and select the modules that you need or that interest you.

What E-Learning offers

  • Various nursing & care modules
  • Special module "Assessment"
  • Flexible and time-saving
  • Immediate test result with proof of success

The e-learning modules are based on current professional literature. Authors of the e-learning modules are doctors, experts from the nursing professions and journalists specialising in medical topics.
Please note: We have translated the learning text and the questions of the e-learning modules into English for you, all other information is in German, the most important language in your field of work.

Nursing & Care